MDNA Member

The Machinery Dealers National Association (MDNA) has a distinguished history as a leader in the metalworking industry for 55 years. This international, nonprofit trade association was established in 1941 to assure buyers of the integrity and reliability of used machinery dealers who are members of MDNA. Today, the association represents more than 450 member firms with 1,000 executives throughout the world.

The foundation of MDNA is its Code of Ethics. As a condition of membership, MDNA dealers agree to abide, unequivocally, by the terms of the Code and renew this pledge annually. The Code of Ethics was written by member machinery dealers and is policed by the association's membership. Complaints brought from Code violations are dealt with by the Ethics & Mediation Committee and severe violations have resulted in expulsion from MDNA.

As an association MDNA has built an international profile for its membership, affiliates and subsidiaries. The members of its affiliate, the Association of Machinery and Equipment Appraisers (AMEA), are individual machinery and equipment appraisal professionals who have demonstrated their proficiency through testing and peer review. AMEA's function is to accredit and certify its metalworking machinery appraiser members through continuing education and written testing procedures, and develop standards for the industry.

MDNA is also the publisher of the Serial Number Reference Book for Metalworking Machinery. The purchase of this reference text and its continued publication by MDNA demonstrates the association's dedication to serving the needs of the industry at-large. This text, which gives year of manufacture and more, is a must for anyone working in maintaining, specifying, buying, selling or appraising metalworking machinery and related equipment.

Machinery Information Systems, Inc. (MIS), publisher of LOCATOR® of Used Machinery, Equipment & Plant Services for 26 years, is another of MDNA's subsidiaries. MIS also operates the SuperFAXMate® network.

MDNA is comprised of 14 chapters, 12 in the United States and one in both Canada and Europe. In addition to its industry-wide activities and chapter programs, the association also supports the ideal of higher education for the children of member firm employees through the MDNA Austin D. Lucas Scholarship Fund. There's an MDNA dealer near you.