2002 Spectrum Tech C50-200

2002 Spectrum Tech C50-200

$9,500 (USD)

Helena, AL

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Specifications: Laser Maker: Ultra Violet Laser Custom Design Bean Delivery System Precison Character Mask System Class 1 Laser Product To Use On Open Shop Floor Print Specifications: Up to 100 Characters Per Identification Mark As Standard Full Alpha-Numeric Character Set A-Z (upper case), 0-9 Plus Extra Characters(50 in total) Two Print Sizes As Standards: Small: 0.96mm x 0.72mm( 0.038 x 0.028 inch.) Large: 1.6mm x 1.2mm(0.063x 0.047 inch) Horizontal and Vertical Format For Both Print Sizes Mark Spacing From 10mm to 1000mm (0.394 to 39 inch) Enter Character Spacing Ranges From 2mm to 5mm ( 0.08 to 0.20 inch) Ergonomic'Sprectrum Univers' Font Wire Processing Specification: Wire marking speed: up to 8m/min(26.5ft/min) Wire size range: 0.75mm to 6.35mm OD (26ga-6ga), single core wire or multi core cable,, pneumatic cutter required for wires larger than 10 awg or cables larger than 4mm(0.16inch) OD. Min/Max cable length: 150mm(6inch)/250 m (10,000 inch)- nominal .

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ManufacturerSpectrum Tech
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