Scotchman CPO 315 HFA Cold Saw, 2016 LIKE NEW

$19,500 (USD)

Helena, AL

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Made in:
Philip, South Dakota.
Model CPO 315 HFA
Year: 2016
Standard Features Include:
Fully Automatic Cycle* Quick & Easy Fine Adjustment Of Length Setting*
Push Button Controls Actuate The Complete Cycle
Length Tolerance: + Or - .006" Per Index
5 HP Variable Speed Control (11 To 177 RPM)
Squareness Tolerance: + Or - .002" Per Dia. Inch
Interlocking Safety Hood
Clamping Both Sides Of Blade For Burr Free Cuts
Blade Guides For Accurate Tolerances
Mist Coolant
Adjustable Stroke Control On Saw Head
Adjustable Down Feed Control On Saw Head
Maximum Capacities (With A 12-1/2" Blade)
Piece Counter
Round Tubing: Up to 3-1/2"
Length Scale In Both Inches And Metric
Round Solid: Up to 1-3/4"
Minimum Cut Length: 1/8"
Square Tubing: Up to 3-1/8"x3-1/8"
Maximum Cut Length: Single Index-30"
Square Solid: Up to 1-1/2"x1-1/2"
Double Index-60"
Triple Index-90"


ModelCPO 315 HFA
Stock Number7947