6' LNS Hydobar Express 322 Bar Feed, 2005

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.125" to 1.250" bar capacity(Swiss Machines or fixed headstocks without bar
end preparation.)
.125" to 1.375" bar capacity( Swiss machines or fixed headstocks with bar end
Rack capacity: 11.6" (295 mm) wide
Maximum bar stock length, two models:
-Model 6'-6'6" (2300 mm)
Minimum bar stock length all models: 48"(1200mm)
Maximum remnant length removal: 20"(500mm)
Available to load from front or rear, on either left or right hand machines
Electronic headstock synchronization
Maximum feed rate: 4,000 IPM
Maximum pushing torque: 50N/meter
Hydraulic oil: 21 US gallons (80 liters) of ISO 100 grade
Requires 80 to 100 PSI of shop air
Electrical requirments: systems wired to 230/380/420/480 Volts AC,3 phase,
maximum 3 Amp
Complies with CE Safety Standards
Shipping weight: 3,650 lbs (1,660kg)


Stock Number7064